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Suggested Workshops* 



Physical Comedy/ Clown:  Get centered to get silly! What happens when you stop relying on words and language and begin relying on extreme physicality? Hint: things get silly!


Not just for the clowns at heart - great for all actors / theater students, this workshop touches on: Developing Characters, Taking Risks, Following your Instincts, Making Bold Choices, Listening on Stage, Clarity of Beats, Commanding the Stage, and more!


+optional performance aspect for longer workshops

Creative Movement (for all levels and abilities):  Explore and Investigate different ways of moving the body. How can we tell stories and use movement as metaphor. At what point is movement considered dance?


+optional performance element

Dance as Storytelling (for actors/ movers/ dancers): Think , rather move "outside the box" and collaborate as a group to develop a piece of dance theater on any theme.

Dance Theater Devising / Dream Exploration: Using personal dream imagery from the group and devising techniques the group will explore movement and meaning together to compose an original performance piece.


+this workshop can be done in collaboration with

An Exploration Dreams : Falling / Flying 

Team Building (for non actors):  Ice Breakers and Silly Games to get a group loose and laughing!



Ensemble Building (for actors):  Exercises to develop group mind as well as Physical Explorations aimed to get the ensemble collaborating while moving and thinking as one.


Improv Comedy Games  (Great for actors and non-actors alike): Fun games to get you out of your seat and thinking on your feet!




*Workshops can be uniquely tailored to the needs and level of the group.


*Workshop outcomes vary based on length, duration and the students involved. 

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